We are a company
that increases
the value of life

by adding our
own technology

to the power
of the sea.

about us

Seawith is a company
that grows with the sea.

The treasure house,
called the ocean, occupies most of the earth
and delivers the energy of life,
visible or invisible.

We believe that it is the sea that is superior
in self-cleansing ability that can solve
the environmental problems that
are being destroyed.

our brand 01

Yo.od produces low iodine seaweed
with its own technology.

Grand Prize at 2018
Fisheries Startup Contest
PCT and international patent applications
  • · Seaweed processing method for reducing iodine content
  • · Processing device for reducing iodine content contained in seaweed and method for reducing iodine content in seaweed using it
  • · Low iodine seaweed trademark registration application
Awarded the Grand Prize for Laboratory Start-up IR Presentation Contest (Ministry of Science and ICT)
Grand Prize in ICT Smart Device National Competition Corporate Sector
2019 Student Start-up Promising Team 300 (Ministry of Education)
2020 K-Global ICT
Selected as a promising company 300 (Ministry of Science and ICT)

Risk of excessive
Iodine intake

Seaweed containing
large amounts of iodine

The iodine content of dried seaweed
is very high compared to the daily intake
recommended by WHO.

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Korean diet with excess iodine

The reaction of iodine intake is different
depending on geography,
food culture, and age.

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our brand 02

Welldone provides delicious
and affordable cultured meat
through technology based on
algae engineering.

our team

  • Joonho KeumC.E.O

  • Heejae LeeC.T.O
    R&D / IP

  • Sungchun choCMeat R&D director

  • Yebin SonR&D

  • Songyi CheonR&D

  • Kwanhyeong KimR&D

  • Kyeonghun ChoiR&D

  • Chisung JungR&D

  • Taebyung LeeR&D

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Corporate Office Address333, Techno jungang-daero, Hyeonpung-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology R7 (Cluster Center), Republic of Korea

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