[The technology story of Seawith] Part1. What is cultured meat?

May 17, 2023

Tech-side of SeaWith series episode 1. What is cultured meat?

Humanity is facing limitation of producing enough meat for general public. Farming consumes tons of resource that harming the Earth. We, SeaWith, are part of journey to provide solution to sustainable and better meat.

First, let’s find out what is cultured meat.
Alternative protein is any protein food source to replace conventional meat. For instance, eatable insects, vegetable based meat substitutes, and other sources are the examples of alternative proteins. Also cultured meat is one of them.

Cultured meat is grown in the lab started from few cells. It is like hydroponic vegetable farming that made from animal cells.
Culturing meat is not simple to do. The cultured meat requires sophisticated bio technology to perfect the piece of steak.
Although cells are major building block of cultured meat, however, there are three major challenges in the cultured meat other than cell that totaling of four challenges. Just like us, cells require house, food, and clothes. The bioreactor, media, and scaffold are the equivalent of them.

These are the challenges that SeaWith is actively working on to provide the better meat for rights of all livings.

Stay with us to find more about cultured meat and SeaWith.

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