[The technology story of Seawith] Prologue. The Emergence of Cultured Meat

May 17, 2023

To understand cultured meat, we need to acknowledge, why cultured meat became hot topic in food-tech and bio-tech industry. The conventional meat requires slaughtering animals grown from farms, and it causes various problems.

In conventional meat industry, animals are grown in factory like facility, factory farming, that mass numbers of animals are raised in small area. The factory farming is against animal wellbeing, also it is vulnerable to disease, which cause over usage of antibiotics. Not only for animal wellbeing, also environment around the farm is suffering heavy pollution in soil and water.

However, the global warming is the worst part. Large amount of feed is required to grow mass number of animal, and it requires massive land space and water source. Half of whole produce around world of grains is used for feeding farming animals.

We are going to reach the peak of meat production capability in 2030 reported by experts. If we consumes the conventional meat in increasing pace, then the global warming will be at tipping point in 2030.

In order to slow down possibly stop global warming, the cultured meat is require to reduce environmental burden of conventional meat farming.

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