[Technology story] Part2. Cell Culture Media: What is FBS?

[Technology story] Part2. Cell Culture Media: What is FBS?

May 17, 2023

In the previous discussion about cultured meat, I mentioned that four elements are necessary to create cultured meat: 'cells,' 'cell culture media,' 'cell scaffolds,' and 'bioreactors.' Today, let's delve into the first element, 'cell culture media.'

Just as our bodies require a constant supply of nutrients from our meals to grow and maintain good health, cells also need nutrients to survive and proliferate. The 'cell culture media' serves as the 'food' that contains essential nutrients for cell growth. However, there is a crucial component in cell culture media: Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS).

Back in the late 1950s, Theodore Puck, a scientist researching life sciences, discovered that FBS was necessary for growing cells outside the body. Since then, FBS has been widely used in cell research laboratories. However, FBS is not only extremely expensive but also has a surprisingly harsh production process. 😱

Typically, in the process of slaughtering a mother cow, including a calf (fetus), the organs, including the calf's heart and ribs, are extracted and a large needle is inserted to quickly extract blood. This entire process is conducted without anesthesia, and the baby calf suffers and dies in pain, making it highly unethical as a production method. 😵

Furthermore, if FBS is used in the production of cultured meat in a laboratory, it contradicts the concept of slaughter-free meat.

Currently, various attempts are being made to replace FBS in cell culture media. In particular, Seawith is developing microalgae-based cell culture media as a substitute for FBS. Microalgae are organisms that float in water, absorb light, and form nutrients through photosynthesis. They are an incredible and valuable presence that can easily be cultivated and supply various nutrients for cell culture media.

That concludes today's technology story and Seawith's pride in our cell culture media. Please look forward to Seawith's cell culture media that enhances the value of life!

Thank you.

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