[🛳️ Voyage Report] Part2. C-Meat to WellDone 🥩

[🛳️ Voyage Report] Part2. C-Meat to WellDone 🥩

2023. 5. 17.

Hello! Welcome to the second edition of Seawith's Journey, the Seawith Logbook. Today, we'll introduce you to our cultured meat brand called WellDone.

As an alternative to the current methods of livestock meat production, cultured meat has emerged as a solution. It involves growing meat cells in a lab without the need for traditional animal slaughter. However, the current challenges with cultured meat include high production costs and a lack of resemblance to the taste and texture of real meat.

To overcome these obstacles, Seawith has embarked on a mission to utilize seaweed biotechnology in cultured meat production. Initially, we named this innovative meat "C-meat" as a play on words, combining "sea" and "meat." However, as time passed, we realized that the name had limitations. Our vision for cultured meat extends beyond simply creating something similar to current meat products. We see cultured meat as a new protein alternative that can meet the growing future demand.

Recognizing the need to redefine the concept of meat for future consumers, we believed it was necessary to reconsider the name and move away from the limitations of "C-meat." Thus, we proudly present the new name "WellDone." The name not only represents our commitment to achieving a well-cooked, tender texture but also symbolizes our determination and courage to excel in this field.

The logo of WellDone incorporates the colors brown and red, representing the well-cooked appearance and the signature colors of meat. It combines the "W" of Welldone and the "W" of Seawith, reflecting the marbling effect found in meat and conveying the essence of Seawith's cultured meat.

In the future, we hope that the mention of "WellDone" will naturally evoke thoughts of Seawith's cultured meat. However, we understand that there is much work ahead of us to achieve this vision. Last year, we unveiled WellDone version 0 during a tasting event. Currently, Seawith is actively engaged in research, development, and facility design to bring you an even more advanced version of WellDone.

We extend our infinite gratitude to our crew members, and with that, we conclude today's logbook entry.

Thank you!

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