[🛳️ Voyage Report] Part4. Seawith strives for Carbon Negative🙏

[🛳️ Voyage Report] Part4. Seawith strives for Carbon Negative🙏

2023. 5. 17.

Hello. In today's Seawith Voyage Journal, I would like to talk about "Erasing Seawith's Carbon Footprint." Have you heard of Carbon Neutrality before? It refers to a state where greenhouse gas emissions are reduced, and any remaining emissions are absorbed, resulting in a net carbon emission of "0." It is a keyword representing the global commitment to addressing climate change.

Various efforts are being made to achieve Carbon Neutrality. Reducing the use of fossil fuels is the most prominent example. Industries with high carbon emissions, such as transportation, steel, petrochemicals, and construction, are making frequent attempts to adopt environmentally friendly strategies.

As some keen individuals may have already noticed, these strategies primarily focus on "reducing carbon emissions." Therefore, to achieve Carbon Neutrality, which means achieving a net carbon emission of zero, it is also necessary to employ strategies that "absorb greenhouse gases." This can include protecting natural carbon sinks like forests, tidal flats, wetlands, as well as artificially creating green spaces such as urban forests and gardens.

So, what about Seawith? According to research findings, cultured meat production through cell cultivation emits only a small fraction, approximately 4%, of the greenhouse gases emitted in traditional livestock farming. Therefore, replacing conventional meat demand with cultured meat is already an excellent way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

However, Seawith does not stop at reducing carbon emissions from cultured meat production alone. This is because Seawith's cultured meat, WellDone, is created based on "seaweed engineering technology." Seaweeds, like plants, absorb carbon dioxide through photosynthesis and synthesize nutrients. As a result, cultivating seaweed alone can absorb a significant amount of carbon dioxide. Therefore, as the production of Seawith's WellDone increases, the demand for seaweed also increases, enabling more carbon absorption.

That's why we say, "Seawith's WellDone goes beyond Carbon Neutrality and enables Carbon Negative" or "Seawith is a company that erases its carbon footprint." I will provide more information on how valuable seaweed is as a greenhouse gas reduction tool in the next content, "What is Blue Carbon?"

Dreaming of a future where greenhouse gas emissions decrease rather than increase as we consume meat, Seawith will continue to do its best today.

Thank you.

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